Cloud-Based Analytics
for Smarter Facilities

Automatic Data Gathering

Unlike manual legacy systems — where data is gathered after giving specific instructions in advance — Kramer’s control system automatically gathers all data.
With Kramer’s cloud-driven analytics there is no need to predefine which data to collect.

Data gathering is optional and can be disabled or enabled according to the user's choice.

Reporting & Analytics

Deep Insights for Deep Impact

Kramer’s cloud-driven analytics delivers deep insights about your organization, such as performance overview, room usage, energy utilization, operational efficiency and much more.

360 Degrees of Insights

Get a 360-degree view of your business with statistics and insights into room and device health, usage, and energy consumption. All data is merged from across the entire system to present a clear, unified picture to deliver valuable insights and support critical business decisions.

Performance Benchmarks

Kramer Analytics utilizes cloud-wide visibility and automatic data collection to create benchmarks, enabling you to compare areas such as energy consumption, space usage, etc., with similar companies in your industry.

Precise Alerts

Immediately recognize and organically understand issues that occur in any device. With cloud-based control you can mitigate any issue in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Dashboards Ready To Go

Don’t waste time and energy building dashboards from scratch. Our preconfigured dashboards are built to hit the ground running, so you can get to work without any need to configure the dashboard yourself. We also offer a vast range of tools, such as built-in widgets and controls, so you can personalize the dashboard to suit your needs.